Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday after the Maine Game--11/01/09

The Boston Globe says the Black Bears picked off UMass.

The Kennebec Journal said Maine stopped UMass.

The Maine Campus said Maine's defense powered by UMass.

The Springfield Republican says six turnovers did in UMass.

Matty Vautour says turnovers throttled (a good choice of words) UMass.

Thirteen turnovers in two games will certainly wreck your effort. UMass is now tied for third in the CAA North and a very long shot for a playoff birth. The Maine loss will probably knock UMass out of the FCS Top-25 polls.


All of Saturday's FCS scores here.

All of the CAA game recaps here. Besides UMass, the big upset in the the CAA was James Madison crushing Delaware.


Brandon Banks had a school record 351 yards, but K-State fell to Oklahoma 42-30.

The Albany Great Danes lost their first NEC Conference game in three years.

Stony Brook went to 4-0 in the Big South with a win over Gardner-Webb



Anonymous said...

It's evident that Morris is not Brown!
Morris doesn't seem to have the ability to get the team to concentrate. On pivotal games such as Maine. you would think that after last year's loss at home and all that was riding on the game then and this year's game, that the team would have been more focused.
I didn't think that Morris was the right fit for the job two years ago when his name surfaced. And now, I knon why I felt that way then. Our program is now in a downward spiral and it will only get worse under Morris.
UMass needs to start considering the direction it wants the Minutemen to go in. If we don't win out, and that's almost an impossibility to accomplish at this point, we need to begin a search for a replacement following this season prior to recruiting.

Anonymous said...

to all of you who said give woodward a chance. now you see why he has been a backup while he has been at morriss needs to take control of the team, put the best players that we have on the field to play the last three games. i believe that we are not doing that. i have said it since the first week.first time head coach, first time defensive coordinator, tough to win games with coaches with no experience at these posiions at the same time. todays college quaterbacks are athletes first. neither havens nor woodward are athletic enough to play at the level we want to play at. coach morris ,it is time to look personally at each position yourself and ask is the best we have on the field. you cant always believe the position coaches have it right. we have three games left maybe a shot at the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Why would Mr Blog ask for a big turnout for Northeastern? NU should have dropped football, and its high school field, years ago. If only 13,000 showed up for the UNH game we may see less than 10,000 for Northeastern.

Anonymous said...

Give Octavious a start. See how he does. The offense sputtered all day.

Anonymous said...

gameplan was thin for this game. No reaction to 8/9 in the box against offense. This was 3rd straight game we faced this should have been no surprise. The 1 back set fails miserably when you just hand it off to a 180 lb back. Hernandez cannot run bettween the tackles. Try some play action once in a while. All Havens wants to do is throw the homerun ball. couple of real questionable coaches decisions in not taking a major penalty for 15 and backing them up into a one down and punt situation and having Cuko kick a 55 yard field goal with a gale force wind blowing across the field instead of trying to pin them against the wind by punting was a big mistake.

MinuteFan said...

You mean the way the team concentrated at UNH last year when they quit in the 1st quarter? Brown did some great things when he was here so no knock on him at all, but he arrived to take over a team built by Mark Whipple. And last season the defense was HORRIBLE, the worst fundamentals and tackling skills I have seen in many years of UMass football. The defense is playing with MUCH more spirit this season, but the entire team seems frustrated by the lack of direction at QB. UMass was playing just fine Saturday, leading 7-3 with 3 minutes to go in the half, and poised to add more after the D forced a 3 and out. Then Havens, with no pressure on him at all lobs one directly into the hands of a Maine defender for the umpteenth time this season. You could see the UMass players on the sideline just deflate when it happened.
Whether you agree or not, the administration has given Morris a chance, and he needs more than one year to be fairly evaluated. He clearly needs to solve the QB question going forward, and his future will greatly depend on how he does that. And as far as the "athlete" QB, the most important thing the QB can do is take care of the football. That takes good decision making and accurate throwing, the two most fundamental QB skills. Liam Coen would never be described as a stud "athlete", but he was a great QB because he could make his read AND deliver the ball accurately, something neither Havens or Woodward have shown the ability to do.