Friday, July 31, 2009

UMass adds two Syracuse Transfers

The latest edition of the 2009 roster has two transfers from Syracuse.

Dan Sheeran a 6-3 211 pd WR who will be a RSJr in 2009. He has had six total catches for the Orange during his career.

A Frank Ordonez/Post Standard image.

The Post had this to say: "Sheeran was moved from wide receiver to linebacker on the second day of spring practice. He missed the beginning of last season with a broken leg. Sheeran would have been a junior in the fall. His profile has already been removed from the SU Athletics Web site."

Sheeran's 2006 Rivals page here. His NFL DraftScout page here.

Also joining the Minutemen is Mike Mele a 6-0 218 pd LB.

Another Frank Ordonez/Post-Standard image.

A 2006 article on Mele joining Syracuse here. He's mentioned in this article about several players leaving the Orange.

At Syracuse, Mele had 46 UT 55 AT 101 TT 1.5 TFL.

Both players probably left Syracue because of diminished playing time under new HC Doug Marrone.

Both players should be excellent additions to the Minutemen roster. Mele should add a strong presence to a LB corps that returns only one starter. He seems to have a great motor and the defense needs that after last year.

Sheeran has size and speed. He could be in the mix for a starting spot in 2010.

Welcome to both!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe no one has posted about the transfers. Just what we needed; added strength and depth at linebacker and sounds like someone who could be a load coming across the middle. It can't start soon enough. All the right sounds coming from the players and coaches.

Anonymous said...

Because Transfers dont get any glory until they come here and prove them selves. Most of them turn out to be not that good anyway.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Most FBS transfers have neither had a signficant impact nor have proven themselves to be better than the student-athletes we recruit. There are obvious exceptions, but before extolling any player as being a sure starter, or better than the existing starter, give the benefit of doubt to those who have worked hard to their claim. Still, competition is a good thing, and we should welcome the Syracuse transfers as Minuetmen. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Problem is people think the transfers should be having significant impact. There is no reason to think that.

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