Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday news --- 07/07/09

David Coulson has the latest edition of his "Around FCS" column up and considers Steve McNair's Paradoxical Life.


I've blogged before that a number of FCS football conferences are not holding Media days this year because of budgetary woes.

The CAA will still have it's regular Media Day in 2009. From the CAA website:

CAA Football will kick off the 2009 season at the ES-
PNZone in Baltimore, Md., Wednesday, July 29. All
12 CAA Football head coaches will be present, along
with selected players from each team. Please contact
Scott Meyer at the CAA Football office for more in-


Mrs Blog and I have plans to go to the UMass-Richmond game this fall. This year will be the last year the Spiders will play in City Stadium.

They've got some special events planned.


#ESPN's College football live will cover Kansas State today (Tuesday). The show will be aired at 2:30, 4:30 and 6:00 pm.


The Orlando Sentinel ranks the College Football Preview Magazines.


Tampa Bay.com takes a look at life after football for offensive linemen.



Anonymous said...

Catch new QB Kyle Havens on umassathletics.com home page.

Anonymous said...

Big difference in him speaking compared to the basketball players.

Anonymous said...

Is the fall roster final? I heard UMass was getting a couple tranfers?

Anonymous said...

Of course it's not final.

Anonymous said...

Looking for "travel" information to Kanasas State - Anyone have any?

Anonymous said...

As far as travel info goes , I booked my hotel through travelocity, and the rooms seem to be going fast as the date of the game approches. Theres only about 9-10 hotels in Manhatten Ks.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where the team plans to stay for the KSU game ?

Anonymous said...

Kansas State - Is it best to fly to the Univ vs. the 2hour drive from Kansas City Intl Airport?

Anonymous said...

cheaper to fly to kc and then drive , but it depends on how much you like flying (i hate to fly)

Oldefella said...

Some travel suggestions/observations for our visitors:

Travel from Kansas City International Airport (code "MCI") to Manhattan is 130 miles via Interstates 435 and 70 (70 mph speed limit). Part of I-70 is the Kansas Turnpike (about $2.35 each way).

Air connections from KC to Manhattan ("MHK") are limited at the moment. You might want to check air connections later this month as some additional connections thru Texas are being added.

Topeka is a good second choice for hotels and is 55 miles to the east via I-70. The Wanamaker Road corridor on the west side of the capital city is replete with lots of hotels and dining establishments.

Parking lots at the stadium open 5 hours prior to kick-off. The lots around the stadium are reserved. Lots across the street offer plenty of parking between $10 and $20 per car.

Visiting teams generally book into the The Holiday Inn (Anderson Ave., Manhattan), the Capital Plaza in Topeka, or, in Junction City, the Marriot depending on the preferences of the respective coaches and ADs. My suggestion would be for you to contact your football office for that info.

Expect many, many tailgaters and lots of barbecue and music in the parking areas.

Enjoy your trip!

Oldefella said...

Is your roster final?

Probably about as "final" as ours! Coach Bill Snyder is notorious in coaching circles for revealing absolutely nothing to anyone 'til warm-ups before the game.

Couple that with moving from Ron Prince's so-called system of the past, three seasons back to the very intricate offense of Bill Snyder further confuses our own view of who's starting and in which positions they may appear.

See you September 5th!