Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blog News 07/12/09

Hi everyone. I've just been too busy to up date the blog. There is some news to talk about, but I'm planing on getting into that when I return on Monday morning.

Under the category "People---- idiots or what". Yesterday we drove down to the National Zoo in D.C. I-95 was eight lanes of solid fast traffic. Side of us was a young woman --- texting. No hands on the wheel and looking down, not at the traffic.

See you Sunday night or Monday morning.


"Hello" from Baltimore. I do have an internet connection. A quick check shows no significant UMass football news, so I'll try to do a more detailed search tonight or tomorrow.

Should you ever visit Fort McHenry, try to time your visit for Noon. Mrs. Blog and I (plus about forty other people) got to take part in the raising of the BIG flag over the fort. It measures 42 by 30 feet. Two rangers supervised and everyone cheered when the Flag went up.

The small image is a file photo, because I could not take any images while holding the flag. The big image is by me.

Click on the image for a full-rez view. Gotta go. Mrs. Blog is yelling for me to stop playing on the computer. Going to the National Aquarium and other inner harbor stops.

Mrs. Blog and I are off for a week to the Baltimore-Washington area for some R&R.

The place that we are staying is supposed to have wireless internet. If I have a working internet connection, I will try to update the Blog on a time available basis.

No posting at all means I do not have an internet connection and the Blog will return on 07/19 when we get back.


Anonymous said...

enjoy the time away, hope the weather holds out for you.

Anonymous said...

have fun, Frank.

Anonymous said...

Say Hi to Coach Brown for us!!!!