Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday News--- 07/30/09

David Driver of the Springfield Republican has an article about this year's UMass Team: "UMass football team expects better".

Jeromy Miles states in the article that UMass' softness against the run last year hurt the defense's pride. 2008 was an anomaly in UMass run-defense history.

I checked UMass stats for the last six years:

Year---UMass average yards/rush-----Opponent average yards/rush--Opponent total yards for season
  • 2008 UMass 4.4 - Opp 4.6 2,338 yards
  • 2007 UMass 4.2 - Opp 2.9 1,503 yards
  • 2006 UMass 4.8 - Opp 3.5 1,700 yards
  • 2005 UMass 3.4 - Opp 2.9 1,277 yards
  • 2004 UMass 4.0 - Opp 4.2 1,743 yards
  • 2004 UMass 3.8 - Opp 3.2 1,626 yards


More from Matty Vautour on Liam Coen joining the Manchester Wolves.

If Liam is not playing professionally this fall, some college-level team should snap him up as a graduate assistant. Coen would make that team better.


Matty also has an article on UMass being picked second in the CAA North preseason poll.

I listened to the CAA audio feed yesterday. Most of the broadcast crew picked UMass third behind UNH and Hofstra.

In the article Matty relates NY QB Will Fiacchi expected an offer from UMass. Remember I have already blogged about Fiacchi.

UMass has a photo gallery from the event here.


A Google news search on "CAA football" this morning produced links to 21 articles. Click here for list.


Anonymous said...

The union article stating the players lack of unity and "fire" last year definitely supports coach Brown's desire to leave. If anyone watched the TV shows or listened tothe radio it was obvious he wanted to be somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

More comfortable as a DC than HC. As a coordinator you don't have to deal with all the extra stuff that comes with being a head coach, just football.

Anonymous said...

Well said and true.