Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chris Zardas--- 07/18/09

The Salem News has an article about Chris Zardas' senior year. The Blog believes Chris could be an impact player if he's healthy.

Zardas went 23-138 6.0 AVE 4 TD in 2008.

The article mentions the possibility of Zardas getting a fifth year of eligibility. If that were to happen, it would really help blunt the impact of the loss of Tony Nelson.


Anonymous said...

Also help blunt the loss of Chris Zardas.

Anonymous said...

could not agree more with blogger anonymous who said blunt the Zardas loss. That kid is a threat everytime he touches the ball..not to mention he has been great for both Lawrence and now for Nelson...he is a force who gets overlooked.....get him the ball in space..he is the best fullback in the CAA.....maybe all of 1AA !!!!!