Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday News ----- 07/10/09

David Coulson picks the Sports Network's Preseason All-America teams. Vladimir Ducasse and Jeromy Miles both made the second team.


I'm sorry to say Western Carolina had a player die during a summer voluntary workout.


The 7/10 issue of Draft Daddy has list of Senior "Small School" Safety NFL prospects. Jeromy Miles is second on the list.

DD.Comment: "At this point, Schillinger and Miles are clearly the top two prospects in the group above. Both are considered latter round type prospects, but have the potential to move into the middle rounds with strong senior years and good post-season workouts. Big East transfer Andrews also has some draft potential, but needs to prove he possesses next level speed."


If you missed it, ESPN signed a contract to cover BCS football games starting in 2011 ------ for a half a billion dollars.



Anonymous said...

Anyone hear any updates on guys who missed spring ball and their progress... (Josh Jennings,Sam Besong, Bobby McLaughlin, Kyle Harrington, Ray Jones, Jeremy Horne, Rob Getek)? All missed spring ball with injuries.

Anonymous said...

what happened to Royce Terrell, LB from Weymouth? He is the only signing day recruit not on the updated roster.

Anonymous said...

Vladimir Ducasse is a great story. Anyone who doesn't know about this kid's background should look him up. He used to walk around campus without a jacket in winter because he didn't have one when he first got to UMass. He's the kind of kid to pull for.