Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fall 2009 UMass football Roster is up

Before we start, it's apparent that someone in New England has pissed off the weather gods.

I want that person to apologize right now!


Fall 2009 Roster

Deletions from the Spring roster:
  1. Scott Wallace QB. See this article.
  2. C.J. Burnley RSFR CB. The depleted CB position gets even smaller.
  3. Nick Collouri RSFR DT.
  4. Korrey Davis SO TB. I've already blogged about Davis' transfer to Liberty.
  5. Theluxon Pierre SR DT.
  6. Adham Talaat OT FR. The only loss out of the 2009 recruits.
Additions to the Fall Roster:
  1. Ryan McMackin FR. OL. Coming off one year at Milford Academy.He was 2nd team All-Class C New Jersey in 2007. Played in the New York/New Jersey Governor's Bowl.
  2. Theo Agnew FR DL. New Haven Register All-State in 2008.
  3. Caleb Violette FR K/P. VA Preps All-Virginia team in 2007. Walk-on at Virginia Tech last year.


Anonymous said...

Where are you finding the roster?

UMass74 said...

Click on the link I provided. It's still marked "Spring 2008" on the Athletic Dept page.

Anonymous said...

I was told that Wallace looked especially good, but wasn't getting snaps. Some players have become noticably leaner (by reported weight) or else honesty has become a new policy....

Anonymous said...

That's a real shame if coaches gave more snaps to other QB's just because they were on full rides and Wallace wasn't.

Anonymous said...

I only know what one player told me: that Wallace looked crisp, he is bright and capable, and was well regarded. Still he may have had other reasons to leave. Maybe he wasn't having fun and wanted more assurance of playing time. He appeared to be a very good high school QB. Maybe he wanted to be closer to home? Who can blame anyone for these motives?

Anonymous said...

I am pretty confident that fun and being closer to home had nothing to do with Wallace's decision to transfer. He will do well at Cal U of PA and Umass may regret not giving him a full scholly.