Friday, November 30, 2007

Travel Friday for the Minutemen

As our Minutemen make their way to Carbondale IL, we get to do some pre-game reading.

If you have been following the articles I've been publishing links to so far this year, it will not surprise you that David Coulson is picking Southern Illinois.

Bruce Dowd does not like our style of play, but he grudgingly gives us the nod.

The Boston Herald, which does an excellent job covering UMass football, has a game article here .

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has an article here .

The JG-TC has an article about Saluki redshirt freshman Connor James.

Satuday is going to be a busy day in Saluki land.

The pressure is on SIU .

The Providence Journal has an article about favorite son Liam Coen and Rhody's search for a new coach.

UPDATE: Matty Vautour says that Brad Listorti may be available for the SIU game .


Delaware is raising ticket prices in the expectation of another home playoff game.

And New Hampshire is looking for a defense .


MinuteFan said...

Selecting home teams strictly based on the NCAA making a few extra bucks is the black eye of this whole tournament. UMass is CAA Champion and should get a home game over any CAA team. The 5000+ fans for Fordham was a reflection of the campus being closed to students. We had a sellout for the UNH playoff game last year, and I think we would do the same for Delaware. I know we have to win this week first, but just the idea of the Conference Champion traveling to play a team with 3 CAA losses is an outrage.

Anonymous said...

I know Brad Listorti had back problems, but he punted in High School.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think Listori will start or will they use him only if necessary? How can he play without any real conditioning? I think this is risky.