Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More playoff stuff

The Boston Herald has a UMass article here .

Keeper has UMass as #4 in FCS, however he has UMass as a three point underdog to SIU (in fact, he has all the CAA teams as underdogs).

Meanwhile, back in Carbondale, the Salukis have a suffocating defense .

Eastern Illinois TE Jordan Campanella had a big day against SIU. Wish we had Brad Listorti available. Sigh.

UPDATE: UMass has its game notes up. Nothing yet from SIU.


Mark Whipple is not going to Rhode Island.

The Delaware Hens are, on the other hand, going to UNI.


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about "Wish we had Listori available. Sigh."
Are you saying you have no confidence in Jorgenson and Getek? I have noticed that since Getek has been moved up, they have been moving the ball much better. He's a beast. He's finally getting it. Would you agree?

Anonymous said...

I agree I dont think anyone is giving them enough credit. Jorgensen has 5 TD's and he is a great blocker somthing Listori is NOT

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Jorgensen and Getek, they are more the traditional blocking and short pass type tight ends. Listorti with his speed was a deep threat that was impossible for a linebacker to match up with. His yards per catch last year was typical of a wide-out, not a tight end. Jorgensen and Getek are playing well, but they do not add the dimension to the attack that Listorti does. Having all the tight ends available would allow UMass some situational substitution, depending on whether blocking or receiving were the focus on any particular play.

Anonymous said...

If Listorti can't block why did Baylark average 5.8 yds per carry last yr. Lawrence is averaging 5.0 this yr. Could that possibly be due to the fact that Listorti CAN block and is an actual passing threat, not allowing the linebackers to think run all day. Jorgensen has a season long reception of 15 yds c'mon buddy Ian is doing a great job but don't be blind. Listorti is a big game player as well, he blocked the likes of Mathias Kiwanuka, H.B. Blades, and George Selvie at Rutgers you need to know your stuff kid.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you watch a few of the of
tapes and see how many times Jorgensen is wide open in the end zone Listori is a great player but lets give some credit where credit is do and if Listori was that great why did he transfer? I think you need to know your stuff!

UMass74 said...

Easy dude. I was not disparaging Jorgensen or Getek.

Listorti was Pre-Season All-American and was the pass catching TE on the roster.

Brad had 12 catches in the playoffs last year. I just meant that he would've helped...

Jorgensen and Getek are both excellent players and I expect a lot from them in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hey there UMASS74..


Here is a link to TV listings for Saturday. ESPNPlus is covering the game with ESPN Gameplan. MASN is picking up the game as well. ( Mid Atlantic Sports Network.) Channel 432 on Direct TV and channel 626 on Dish.

Go UMass


Drew Comeau

Anonymous said...

I am at the games and see Jorgensen open in the end zone as many TE's are around the goal line what does that mean or matter. Second no one is saying Jorgensen isn't doing a good job. Lastly Listorti transferred because he was playing behind an All Big East TE in Clark Harris who plays for the Packers and coach Greg Schiano was playing for his job before Rutgers great season last yr so why is he gonna put an All Big East TE on the pine and give some soph in Listorti a shot again know your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Are you Listori Father?

Anonymous said...

Ant one who has gone to the games could see that they miss Listorti's ability to go down field whic Jorgenson and Getek do not have. Getek is the better pass catcher and Jorgenson is a better blocker. And by the way did you see Jorgenson's wide open drop.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and I also saw his catch in the end zone All I am saying is Listorti is not playing and will not play again for Umass SO GET OVER HIM!!!!!!! HE's gone

Anonymous said...

Let's just wish them all good luck, and to stay healthy through the rest of the playoffs. Let the games begin. "Lets Go UMass!!"

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Getek is just coming out. We don't know what he is capable of doing. I read somewhere where someone said he is a "prototype TE" and he's with us for 2 more years. We shall see.