Thursday, November 29, 2007

More UMass-Saluki stuff

The Boston Herald has an article about the friendship between Liam Coen and Rasheed Rancher.

The UMass Daily Collegian has an article about the challenges SIU presents . The collegian has another game article here .

An SIU paper has an interview with Saluki running back John Randle (96-489 5.09 YDS/Carry 4 TDs)

Meanwhile, Saluki WR Justin Allen is confident he can handle our defensive backs.

This article looks at UMass from the SIU side.

And Sporting News columnist Kent Schmdt picks SIU over the Minutemen .


Anonymous said...

SIU players and media & fanboards have no idea and no respect for UMass. They have no idea about the bomb that is going to be dropped on them. They are pretty confident for a team that played 3 tough games in the regular season. I do respect SIU and N.Iowa, but...
Some of SIU's harder games(joking): Quincy-D2, Ark-Pine Bluff-#80 GPI, Indiana St-#112 GPI, Hampton-#61 GPI. Southern Utah-80. Their signature win was over a 2-9 Northern Illinois team. Northern Illinois is ranked 144 in Sagarian. They played N. Iowa tough, but N. Iowa is overrated- look at their opponents GPI rankings. About the same as SIU. Northern Illinois is FBS, but they would be middle of the pack this year in the CAA.
URI was ranked #50 in the GPI for comparison sake. UMass is battletested and I like our chances. Weather will not be a factor and we are playing on turf!!
Get ready for a UMass - Delaware semifinal.

UMass74 said...

Yes, I've been keeping quiet because I did not want to put the hex on UMass. We are a different class of opposition than they have played so far. Quincy is, I think NAIA...

But we need to bring our "A" game. UMass needs to bring the intensity we had against UNH and Hofstra.

And yes, I think you are right about Delaware. The Hens defense is poor. Remember Delaware gave up 500+ yards to a weak William & Mary team.

However, UNI has not seen anything like Cuff & Flacco.

Hens 49-38.