Saturday, November 17, 2007

Championship Saturday!

Well, UMass plays at Hofstra today at 12:00 Noon. Win and the Minutemen cannot do worse than a tie for the CAA Championship! Go UMass!

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a game article here .

Matt Vautour of the Hampshire Gazette is here .

The UMass-Hofstra game will be televised on ESPNU. That's channel 148 on Dish network.

In other UMass news, Jason Hatchell is still a contender for the Buck Buchanan Award.

The CAA has game information for all of today's CAA games here .

The Delaware-Villanova game (Go Villanova!) will be on TV at 3:30 on SNY. That's channel 438 on Dish Network .

The Sports Network reviews today's FCS games in their weekly "Around FCS" Column.

The Sporting News does there weekly "Top 25 Who, When Where" article .

Charles Burton does his weekly FCS column here .

UPDATE: A kind reader reminded me in the comments section that the UHN-Maine game is also available on NESN at noon. NESN is carried by many cable/satellite networks.

UPDATE II: Another comment has been posted that ESPN has a UMass-Hofstra preview screen here . Nice catch by our reader.


Anonymous said...

Richmond vs. W&M is on Comcast Sportsnet Atlantic @ 12. I know Direct TV carries it. Delaware/Nova on CN8 & 3:30-Direct TV does not get. We can watch the championship unfold!! Also, while there is a break between those two games I will be checking on Maine/New Hampshire on NESN.

Great day of football..Go UMass.

Anonymous said...

My Bad!!

Direct TV does carry SNY, so I will be able to watch Delaware/Nova!! Even better!!

One of these posts I will get an indentity!! Thanks UMass Football blogger for all the info!!

UMass74 said...

Oh, crap! I forgot about Maine-UNH!

I'll do an up-date on the blog post.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blogger: I ran into some neat stats at the ESPN scores page with the preview icon. Here is the link, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a game article - very interesting. I can't help thinking about the RI game. The play calling had more to do with the RI loss than anything the players did on the field and I haven't seen that discussed anywhere.

UMass74 said...

RE: Rhode Island. Yes, we shoulda taken the field goal to go ahead.

Water under the dam now.

Beat Hofstra!

Anonymous said...

NESN is no longer listing UNH-Maine.