Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rivalry game coming!

Working up to Saturday's game against UMass' rival New Hampshire.

Saturday's game is Senior Day for Matt Austin, Mike Ormar, David Burris, Matt Lawrence, Charles Walker, J.J. Moore, Jason Hatchell, Matt Stolte, Rasheed Rancher, Ceasar Rosario, Chris Koepplin, Nick Diana, Breyone Evans, Brad Listorti, E.J. Barthel and Chis Hopkins. Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has a story here.

The UMass Daily Collegian has an article about Ricky Santos and the UNH Wildcats.

Speaking of Ricky Santos, he all but guaranteed a UNH victory in this article.

The Collegian has another UNH game article here .

David Coulson does his weekly FCS article here .

Eric Gemunder was covering FCS/I-AA football when nobody else was. His weekly FCS review/predictions article is here .

In other news, Rhody's win last week over UMass may not have been enough to save Coach Stowers job.

UPDATE: Matty Vautour has a look at the UMass-UNH rivalry here .


Anonymous said...

We are obviously going to lose many seniors so let me thank you for representing UM. I hope you all graduate or finish up next year.

Also hope you have time to come back periodically and speak to the future teams. They need to hear about your accomplishments and learn about our history.


Anonymous said...

you forgot Matt Austin on your senior list

UMass74 said...