Monday, August 20, 2007

Watched Brandon London play for the Giants last night

I watched Brandon London play for the Giants last night. He was in on almost all offensive snaps in the second half. He also played on the punt coverage team.

They did not throw to him and he got motion penalty with about two minutes to go.

Two Giants receivers ahead of him on the depth chart were injured in the game. One will be out for the season.

UPDATE: MSNBC has an article here about the injury filled game.


Anonymous said...

Has Brandon actually caught a pass in a game?

UMass74 said...

It was a bad, ugly game. They never threw to London----don't know if he was never open or they never looked for him.

He was playing the "gunner" position on the punt coverage, so I assume they like his special teams play or he would not have been there.

However, he did not come close to making a tackle on the coverage. Again, if he was playing his lane, maybe the ball did not come to him.