Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2007 Media Day

I attended the UMass Media day yesterday. That's yours truly in the far right hand corner with the blue baseball cap and maroon shirt (right next to real journalist Matt Vautour in the green shirt). Thanks to the UMass athletic dept and Jason Yellin for allowing me to attend. Also thanks to all the friendly and articulate UMass football players who talked to me.

Coach Brown's media comments are here. Jeff Thomas of the Springfield Republican has an article here .

Carl Settenlund of the Worcester Telegram has an article centered on David Burris. He also mentions central Mass natives Ryan Logan, Eric Dickson, Jonathan Hernandez and Emil Igenagu.

Don't think the Minutemen have a target on their backs this year? This run of eight articles about UNH all mention UMass.

UPDATE: Matt Vautour has updates on Ben Coblyn, Brad Listorti and other training camp news here . Hmmm, the Gazette link seems to be slow/not working. Was doing great this morning. Try again later.


Anonymous said...

Can't get into your update. We now have some problems with guys quitting and Listorti injured so an update would be great! Especially since Matty's on another 2 week sabatical.

Tom UMass '72

UMass74 said...

You have to be "registered" for all Hampshire Gazette articles.

Try going to their main website so that they can set a cookie on your browser. Then you can use the link directly.

umassfan said...

Mr Anonymous... the people quiting wouldnt have seen action this season. People who were kicked off the team or failed off might have. Reguardless the only player currently missing that we will miss is Listorti. If he cant come back soon he will be missed greatly in our passing game.