Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dave Coulson on FCS media days

Dave Coulson of the College Sporting News has a long article on attending the various Media Days sponsored by FCS conferences.

Mentions Coach Brown and UMass. Also mentions former UMass Coach Jimmy Reid down at VMI. Reid has his hands full at VMI. They went 1-10 last year. One problem with VMI is that they do not retain players. Reid only has seven seniors on the roster. Lots of recruits leave VMI because of the rigors of football and the stuff they put the cadets through. Some VMI news and Jimmie Reid interviews here .


umassfan said...

Its Dave Coulson

Adam said...

Speaking of media days, I tried getting into the CAA one in Baltimore, but they didn't have enough credentials for a blogger like myself.

UMass74 said...

Short sighted of them to not to give credentials to one of the nations top bloggers!

It took a bit of intervention by some former UMass players, but I'll be attending the UMass Media Day and will be reporting about it here.