Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The "Power & Class of New England" gets ready for a new season.

The UMass football team is not the only group getting ready for the 2007 season. The UMass Marching Band is in camp and getting ready for their first performance of the season.

The UMass Blog spies report that the UMass Band will have 375 members this year with 20 more in the Color Guard and 20+ in the percussion pit.

I've been meaning to add the UMMB Parents site to my permanent links section in the side bar. It's there now. Check out all the information about the band's training camp.

The main UMass band site is here. When I'm feeling blue, I stop over to the UMass' Drumline site and crank up my speakers and play a couple of cadences.

UMass fans are excited about the 2007 Football season, but year in, year out, the UMass Band is the best band in the nation.


Anonymous said...

36 Flutes
36 Clarinets
36 Alto Saxes
24 Tenor Saxes
48 Trumpets
24 Mellophones
32 Trombones
20 Euphoniums
20 Tubas
10 Snares
5 Quints
7 Bass Drums
12 Cymbals
40 Color Guard
5 Twirlers
20 pit

About 400 in total

Anonymous said...

Played in the late 80's and you never really had a chance to appreciate the bands performance since you were on the field or in the locker room after the game. They were awesome last year at the Pep Rally prior to Championship Game in Chatty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank....Watch for my daughter Katie (short blonde girl) playing alto sax in the ensemble accompanying the new and updated version of "Oye Tu Conga", the 2007 percussion special feature by Thom Hannum and crew. It probably won't be ready for Holy Cross, but most likely for Towson State. The band will be awesome this year! The Power and Class website put together by Al Graff is wonderful.....Linda Haggerty

Anonymous said...

The band has been a great additon to the gameday atmoshphere at away games. Army, Navy, Delaware etc.. It is ashame that BC was unwilling to allow them to attend this year. But considering they stuck them in the opposite endzone of our fans in 2004 maybe it's just as well.

FYI, the University of Michigan is allowing Appalachian States band into to the Big House.

UMass74 said...

Yes, I was in the Pavilion at Chattanoogna and the UMass Band Wowed 'em------ as usual.

Already lots of images over on the parents site about the band camp. I'll be looking Katie.

And yes, I heard Appy State is bringing their band to Michigan. Too bad the only I-A team in Mass won't let the STATE school show the Boston area fans the best marching band in the country...