Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ten days to go and #10

Only ten days to go until Holy Cross!

Wearing #10 again this year for UMass will be Joe Sanford, a 6-3 208 pd WR from Charlottesville, VA. He will be a RS sophomore this year.

Sanford played in all 15 games in 2006 on special teams.

Joe, hope you have a great season in '07!


Anonymous said...

Question: will Joe be relied upon as a possible backup at QB given what suggests his experience at the position, having been recruited by Virginia and also indicated by an ATH designation on the roster? I haven't seen him play much in preseason and am wondering what the coaching staff might have in store for him as a role player.

UMass74 said...

I believe that Sanford is out of the QB business.

He will play mostly as a WR and special teams guy. He looks good as a WR and has been a special teams standout.

He will make more of an impact in those roles than being stuck as the 3rd team QB. The idea is to get as many athletes on the field as possible...