Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Wednesday--march 8th, 2017 UMass adds two defensive coaches

UMass has added veteran coach Dave Wissman to the coaching staff. He will coach the defensive line. Wissiman spent the last six seasons as Sacred Heart's defensive coordinator.

In 2016 UMass had three players named to the New England Football Writers All-New England team. FCS Sacred Heart had two.

The Pioneers' best win was over CAA member Albany who was ranked #20 at the time.

UMass also added D.J. Pirkle as an assistant to new DC Ed Pinkham.

Mike Traini of "Fight Massachusetts" has a post on the coaching additions.

My take is that the Minutemen are getting serious about defense. Wissman is an older coach and thus UMass has to pay more than for a younger man just getting started in coaching. The addition of D.J. Pirkle should help coach Pinkham in installing his defensive system. The Minutemen also recruited defense more heavily this year than any other since we moved to FBS.

Defense wins games. It looks to me UMass is investing more on the defense side of the ball. I hope the results will show in the next couple of years.


Boston College blog "BC Interruption" wonders how to get BC students to go to the Eagles games.



Anonymous said...

Timing is everything with a new stadium. I truly think that building a new stadium would encourage not only students, but alumni from all over the place to (at the very least) go and check out the new stadium at least once. However, the fact is that most people haven't fully watched a UMass football game in years and probably still think they are a Molnar or FCS type team. If they check out a game at a new stadium and they are playing REAL football and are actually good and WIN a game in front of a good crowd. Then there's no reason it shouldn't change the culture at UMass over time. Obviously there might not be sellouts every game in the beginning but that can change over time if they are playing real football and real schools and WINNING games.
People from out of the area are easily more inclined to take a drive out to Amherst with their friends/kids/whoever on a fall Saturday afternoon and enjoy the town and area while sitting in a legit stadium where they can go to the bathroom in an actual bathroom and grab food and drinks from an actual concession stand. I'd take that over sitting there miserably on a cold hard concrete bench with nothing else to do but watch them lose with kids/friends who are hungry or need to go to the bathroom and are uncomfortable and bored. Likewise for a drunk kid who is sobering up watching their team lose with no music, food, drinks, bathroom, fun etc. It's not fun for most people! Most people aren't diehard UMass football fans. Most people aren't diehard ANYTHING fans so why would they hang around or shlep all the way to Amherst to sit in a decrepit concrete stadium to watch them lose. I personally don't care about that stuff I enjoy watching them regardless, but I 100% understand the reality of most fans. The frickin New York Yankees shut off the entire upper deck in the 80s because they couldn't get enough fans to games.
If you build a stadium with a club area and suites then more people from all around New England and New York would be willing to take a drive on a Saturday with their family and friends and be able to watch the game from indoors if they want, have good food, and a place to hang out and do something in addition to watching a game and make the trip worthwhile. No matter how bad UMass was in the past and how empty Gillette was there seemed to always be a consistent crowd in the Putnam Club. People enjoyed having a premium experience even though they were losing, but it made the trip worth it in the end.
Let's face it, we're on a UMass Football blog... let that sink in. Most people don't even check New England Patriots blogs on a daily basis. For the majority average fan it's all about the experience, not how many yards per carry Marquis has. I am 24 years old so I see both sides. It's hard to blame the average fan for not wanting to go to every game.

P.S. the MGM Grand in Springfield is gonna be gold in the future. Taking a weekend trip to Amherst to meet up with friends for a game and staying in the MGM will get more people to games. UMass needs to partner with them somehow.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the behavior of the BC fans is exactly what I've been complaining about at Umass.
This must be a generational phenomenon.
Fans can only be attracted to a winner.
A strange definition of loyalty.

UMass74 said...

Actually, I'm kinda amazed at how loyal the UMass Fan base is. After 10 wins in five years, we're still over 10,000 a game in average attendance. UMass only won what, twice at Gillette? Man, that's loyalty!

Beyond anything, we need to win more games. You just can't expect people to attend games if we lose five out of six games. Win and people will show up. Then facility upgrades will have a force multiplier affect. We should be able to win in Group-of-Five FBS football. UMass has the resources to be at least .500 and every other year or so go 8-4 or 7-5 and go to a bowl.

The students are a different problem. Since I'm an old guy, I don't really have an answer on what would reach the current generation.

Anonymous said...

We're in the northeast, and college football is second to just about everything else. But a good team playing in a new and fan-frendly and comfortable venue would attract more fans of all ages.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for the splash hire#official

DK's Replacement said...

I'm doubting your "splash hire" claim based on Bamford's conference call today. What big name is going to take a job that pays just above the median salary for coaches in the A10?