Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday--March 13th, 2017

Spring practice start dates and Spring game dates for every FBS football team.


Former UMass assistant coach Dave Sollozo is now HC at Naugatuck High School.


The American Sports Network, which handles A10 basketball among other sports, may or may not be in trouble.


Meanwhile, ESPN is hemorrhaging subscribers.

We've talked about the difficulty of getting students to the games. The traditional ways of following college sports is changing fast. I read a broadcasting business article (can't find the link) stating one third of Millennial households do not own a single radio except for the one in their car.

So, the way you and I followed UMass sports when we graduated by listening to various UMass radio shows, is fast fading in the current generation. It's going to be a challenge making college sports fans in the future.


CBS Sports has a long article on the problems of certification of college football strength coaches.


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