Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Tuesday--March 7th, 2017

Since I've started this blog I've done quite a few posts (6,442 to be exact) many of them about recruiting. After reading all those recruit interviews, one common thread is  the players saying they're looking for a good academic school and a chance to play at a high level.

UMass is currently ranked  #27 out of 700 public universities.

Coach Whipple has coached in the Super Bowl. The Minutemen play a pro-set offense and use pro-style play nomenclature. The Minutemen's independent schedule allows players to go up against top competition (Tennessee, Mississippi State and BYU in 2017).

The Princeton Review ranks the UMass dining commons #1 in the nation.

Kinda makes me wonder what else recruits could want.


Inside the Pylon has an Ode to Victor Cruz.


SB Nation says the Big 12 is falling behind due to conference realignment.


The NCAA recommends three rule changes for 2017.



Unknown said...

Hi Frank, recruits want to brag to their friends that they are going to a P5 school and be on TV and be treated like a celebrity on campus. Social media helps schools like UMass level the playing field a little so to speak. Word can get out easier when recruits see the rankings and stories about the campus dining and the academic prowess. If a recruit wants to go to say Rutgers or Syracuse over UMass it's because they want to play a for a P5 football team and get them ready for the NFL. And they believe that is the only choice that makes sense for them. We need some NFL alums to help tweet and reach out to recruits the way Marcus Camby started to do last couple of years...Thanks Frank! Jim Pierotti

Anonymous said...

They want facilities too. Aka playing on a home field with more than just two concrete slabs for stands. Where these kids are from (mostly the south and westcoast) they went to high schools with better stadiums than McDump.
Build it and they will come. Aside from the countless examples of big time universities pouring money into facilities and seeing immediate results, look at James Madison (more our size). They built a 25,000 seat stadium that LOOKS and FEELS like a legit college football stadium and they are winning FCS national championships. The point being is that when recruits go to see their school they FEEL like they're playing real college football.
You can get your meat and potato type recruits who go to a school because it is good academically, competitive, etc. but UMass is missing out on a GIANT demographic of recruits who want to go play college football at schools with awesome traditions and venues. You can't really blame them either. You get one shot at college you might as well enjoy it, if I had a choice to play at any school I wanted I probably wouldn't choose UMass if I had a chance to play at an equally good academic school but had far superior facilities. Afterall, isn't one of the biggest things that makes college football great the atmosphere?
What's great is that this is all GOOD news. UMass is only steps away from being a legitimate program. You have the academics, beautiful campus, coaches, food, location, etc. which is the hard part. Now all they need is a new stadium. Obviously money doesn't grow on trees but they WILL build a new stadium, once that happens the sky is the limit.

Anonymous said...

I agree that a new stadium is a great idea but I have major concerns about attendance.
I've been attending home and many away games for 30 years and am deeply disappointed in home attendance.
Many thousand students tailgating, a few thousand for the first half, and a few hundred for the second half.....on beautiful warm fall days!
The usual reply is that Umass hasn't recently produced a winning team to attract the students......but I have NO CONFIDENCE that this behavior can be reversed....The atmosphere is so dramatically different at other universitites,
Under these circumstances I see no way that funding can ever be obtained.
I also see home attendance as a major impediment in achieving conference affiliation.
However, there is alway hope and I will continue to be loyal.

Anonymous said...

For the very good reasons stated above, it's doubtful that a stadium will be built on campus anytime soon. The students at UMass are detached, disinterested, aloof, and capricious at best; selfish and immature at worst, and the majority don't deserve an FBS team. Attract the alumni base, put games on at Gillette, and hope that the bibulous crowd of young drinkers can learn to appreciate this team. Of course, if a new stadium is built, the novelty of something new will dazzle the kids and draw a consistent student base to every home game. We do need a 30,000-seat stadium as part of a ten-year plan if this program is going to move forward.

Anonymous said...

The stadium should be fixed for no other reason than every spring at graduation 20,000 people come, can't get grandma and grandpa easily to the seats. Meanwhile everyone else ruins their nice shoes, after walking in crushed stone with pebble dust.#stopwaiting

TopUMassFan said...

Not sure what the McGuirk attendance records have been since the move to FBS but I'm sure the numbers are down from FCS. Why?

Here are my thoughts...
1) Nobody cared about MAC teams coming to Amherst and they don't care about FIU or Wagner either. The current student body doesn't remember Georgia Southern or App.St. and those two games should be great.

2)When we played Maine,UNH,URI,UConn,and other NE teams, their fans travelled to Amherst, filling the seats. There are no NE opponents available on a regular basis anymore. BC,Syracuse, UConn might schedule us every couple of years but that's just a few games. We need to fill McGuirk six times a year.

3)Winning...that speaks for itself.

The marketing HAS TO IMPROVE for us to attract fans, opponents, recruits. UMass isn't alone in having trouble filling seats, let's do our best to turn McGuirk back into a home field advantage.

Anonymous said...

I live in Gardner, 50 minutes from Amherst, and never once saw a ad, or promotion for UMASS football or basketball to the public, I am a season ticket holder and get about 100 emails and reminders about games, I already bought tickets to.smh

Ryan McKinney said...

@TopUMassFan I've posted a graph that shows the attendance trends dating back all the way to McGuirk's opening in '65. The red line includes attendance from Gillette games while the green line is exclusive to McGuirk.


TopUMassFan said...


Can't get graph to open on my smartphone for some reason.

Ryan McKinney said...

^ Does this work? http://imgur.com/a/rdkTX