Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday--March 20th, 2017

Happy Vernal Equinox day!  We're about halfway to Fall football :)


Appalachian State has gone 20-2 against Group-of-Five football teams since moving to FBS. This long SB nation look at the Mountaineers gives Appalachian State a 74% chance of defeating the Minutemen when they meet at McGuirk on October 28th.

The Mountaineers have announced a $60 million sports renovation plan that includes one of the top video boards in Group-of-Five football.


CBS Sports has a post on "Five Cinderella Teams" for 2017. UMass has the good luck to play three of the five...


The BYU Spring game will be available on BYU TV on March 25th. BYU TV is here.



Anonymous said...

Pathetic that the only reporter who covers UMASS full time, never reporter on Lou Roe,and now has no credible sources on the coaching hire. I guess that is why he is called a house reporter-he does what they tell him to do.

Anonymous said...

^ Would you rather have no reporters? Is ongoing legal matters something he should even be writing about?