Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday--March 14th, 2017

Weymouth Wicked Local has a story about Khary Bailey-Smith hoping to hear his name called in the NFL Draft. In his final year with the Minutemen Bailey-Smith went 11-11 GP-GS 41 UT 28 AT 69 TT 1.0-a TFL 4 BRUP 1 FF.


South Carolina RB coach Bobby Bentley was really nervous when his son Jake Bentley started at QB against UMass. In his first start, Jake Bentley went 17-26 201 2 TD's LONG 47. He was sacked twice. (fixed link)


SB Nation has a long review of Old Dominion's 2016 season and estimates the Monarchs have a 54% win probability at UMass this year.


Hawaii's trip to Amherst will be the second longest road trip in the Rainbow Warriors history.


Georgia Southern will return to their famous (in FCS) Flexbone offense for the 2017 season.

Installing the Georgia Southern/Paul Johnson flexbone offense helped Navy achieve their recent success.

In 1999, Georgia Southern's Adrian Peterson ran for 332 yards (a FCS playoff record) against UMass to lead the Eagles to a 38-21 win in Statesboro.

The Eagles play at UMass on October 21st.



Anonymous said...

Link to Bentley story is about Smith. I guess you like that name. Here is a name no mass fan likes...Skippy Conners.

UMass74 said...

Fixed link.