Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday--March 22nd, 2017

Mark chguarelli of MassLive reports UMass TE Adam Breneman will receive the Francis X. Keating Award at the Western Massachusetts football banquet.

Breneman should rack up a ton of stats in 2017 catching passes from Andrew Ford. Whipple's pro-set offense works best with an effective TE and a power running game. Hopefully, Breneman will a great year and position himself well for the NFL draft. Along with good numbers, leading the Minutemen out of the wilderness with some wins would also be nice.


Matty Vautour, the only beat reporter still covering UMass, reports on the opening of Spring practice for the Minutemen. Matty says Ross Comis is still recovering from a torn ACL, but is running. It usually takes a year to fully return from an ACL injury. It will probably be the middle of the 2017 season before he is 100%.

Matty also reports Matt Dawson has been named the defensive coordinator at Norfolk state.


Rich Thompson of the Boston Herald reports new UMass defensive coordinator Ed Pinkham is starting to rebuild the Minutmen defense.


This article by MassLive reporter Jordan Grice mentions UMass' Pro Day will be this Thursday.


Coastal Carolina starts a stadium expansion. UMass will be the first FBS opponent to visit Brooks Stadium.


The Portland News Herald reports on UMaine's criteria for scheduling FBS games. The Black Bears will play UMass and Central Florida in 2017.


OT, but I think A.D. Ryan Bamford's decison to hire Pat Kelsey as HC of UMass hoops is a good one. I've been following UMass basketball as long as I have for football. The Minutemen program needs a high-energy guy. I accept we are a mid-major in sports, I will not concede we're doomed to be a low mid-major. With the budget and facilities UMass has, the Minutemen should be contenders for A10 crown, if not every year, then at least often.

So far, I like the hires Bamford has done as A.D.

Hope Kelsey brings five good years to UMass basketball. I'll be happy for him when he moves to a big-bucks ACC job. A resurgence in UMass basketball would also help in UMass finding an all-sports conference.


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