Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday--December 31st 2016

Mike Traini reports that UMass CB James Allen has left the program. In 2016, Allen went 12-7 GP-GS 23 UT 10 AT 33 TT 1.0-2 TFL 5 BRUP.

Allen was also the Minutemen's primary punt returner. He went 12-102 8.% AVE 41 LONG. In kick returns he was second on the team with 22-426 19.4 AVE 39 LONG.

The Minutemen were #106 in the nation in passing yards allowed. The results were somewhat influenced by the fact UMass played three top-50 offenses (Louisiana Tech, Mississippi State and Old Dominion). However, I remember the Minutemen "D" getting beat over the top by the likes of Tulane and Hawaii. UMass finished #108 in total defense giving up an average of 35.5 points/game.

The return of Shane Huber and Tedrick Lowery should help the defense in 2017.


Florida State scored 33 points on Don Brown's defense to win a wild Orange Bowl.


Details of Randy Edsall's contract with UConn.

Edsall apologizes for how he left.


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