Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday--December 27th, 2016

UMass bowl opponents continued their roll in post season play. Minutemen bowl opponents are 7-0 so far.

Mississippi State beat Miami (Ohio) on a fairly bizarre field goal block with four seconds left. Why was it bizarre? Well, the gain winning block was a jail-break A-gap rush. The Bulldogs had done exactly the same thing earlier in the game to bock an extra point, which was the margin of victory.

BC held off a Maryland comeback to defeat the Terps 36-30.


In New England, the big news was UConn fired Bob Diaco. I wanted Diaco coaching at UConn for a long time :)

Fox Sports has five potential candidates for the NC job at UConn.

In the short term this may help UMass as they may be able to poach some of UConn's verbals.


Victor Cruz wants to retire with the Giants (warning annoying audio ad content)


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