Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year's Day 2017

Mrs Blog and I wish all UMass football friends, family, players and coaches a "Happy New year". May 2017 bring health, happiness and peace.

The first thing in 2017 I'm looking forward to is Letter-of-Intent Day. Western Michigan went from 1-11 at the start of our venture into FBS football to the Cotton Bowl on Monday. They did it with four years of MAC-leading recruiting classes.

UMass, located in talent-arid New England will probably have to take more transfers and JUCO's than Western Michigan, but if they dramatically improved their talent level, we can do it too.


WMU WR Corey Davis bypassed the NFL and has the Broncos in the Cotton Bowl.

Western Michigan is an eight point underdog to Wisconsin.


Victor Cruz wins the George Young Good Guy Award.



Anonymous said...

Frank-Happy New Year! Keep up the great coverage...made the mistake of looking at other board 1st this AM. Some loser hurling inaccurate posts about coaches pension,ripping coach,players by name. This is why you do it right UMASS is always kept in high regards-win or lose. I have a feeling those W's start this year! Best of luck & health.

UMass74 said...

We're undefeated in 2017!

Pessimism is bad for you!

Keep the faith UMass fans. If life were easy, we'd all gone to Alabama :)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to all the UMass faithful, alumni, players, families of players, coaches and their families, and to the larger UMass community in 2017: Excellent health, love, happiness, fulfillment, success, and prosperity, now and always. Have patience. The good Lord above works in mysterious ways. Excellent things will happen. They may not happen when we want or how we imagine them, but staying positive and believing in the future is the only way to realize any dream.

God Bless All. MS

Unknown said...

Comis will be back like Huber - don't count these kids out. Comis played against two of the best defenses in the country before his injury and he looked good against Tulane also.

Anonymous said...

Stevemaz should be acclaimed the dumbest and worst UMASS fan ever. Creating a controversy that is not even accurate,about Kellogg's pension, calling a player a punk. What a stupid and awful fan, losers like this only survive on message boards.