Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday--December 2nd, 2016

Matty Vautour on why the FBS playoffs should be extended. The playoffs could easily be folded into the bowl system by using the lessor bowl in the early rounds and then say, the final four could be the traditional New Year's bowls. The top bowls could rotate for the semi-finals and the National Championship game. FBS is the only football division with only four teams. If MIT and Division III can handle school and the playoffs, then the scholars of the SEC could cope.


Fox Sports looks at what an eight-team playoff would look like in week #14 of this year's season.


The Washington Post says Navy the the best college football story in 2016.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, which has one of the best sports reporting IMHO, predicts eight UMass opponents will play in bowls. That's including BC, who is predicted to be in the Quick Lane (?) Bowl against Maryland.


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Nice to see former UMASS hockey coach involved in another loss...this time as a Norte Dame assistant.#clueless