Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday--December 22nd, 2016

This article by the Las Cruces Sun-Times discusses New Mexico State's move to independent status and has an extensive interview with UMass AD Ryan Bamford on scheduling as an independent.

In bowl games with a UMass interest, 2017 opponent Appalachian State beat Toledo to finish at 10-3.

BYU squeaked by Wyoming 24-21 in a rare rainy night in San Diego. BYU's Jamaal Wiliams (who didn't play against UMass) ran for 210 yards.


The major reason the Big 12 was looking to expand was to increase the league's chances of getting into  the College Playoffs. The playoff committed snubbed the Big 12's champion again this year.


College football's Top-25 ranked by academics. #2 may surprise you.


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Anonymous said...

Michigan ranked at number 14? Behind Temple and Clemson? Lo siento! Es loco!