Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday--December 29th, 2016

UMass legend Dave Palazzi is football coach at Leominister. He's now the girls basketball coach too.


USF is a double digit favorite over South Carolina in today's Birmingham Bowl. I believe UMass 2016 opponents are 7-0 in bowl games so far.


The UConn blog looks at the many factors in the firing of Bob Diaco.

The Hartford Courant says Randy Edsall says he could have done things differently when he left the first time.

The UConn Blog says Edsall failed at Maryland, but he could work for the Huskies again.



Anonymous said...

Diaco was very reminiscent of ole Charley.

I hope that MW can get the team to five-six wins next season. He needs to hire an OC.

Anonymous said...

Correction-he needs to hire a D.C. Offense produced,defense gave up too many points!

Anonymous said...

Ask Tim Kenney, why he hired Molnar. I'm glad UMASS passed on that bum,during AD search. Bona can have him,no one in Olean will catch on to his bs,until it's too late.

Anonymous said...

UMASS athletics making several major announcement$ in 2017:) Tx FLA;ATL

Ryan McKinney said...

Offense was OK, better than last year's (unfortunately 2015 did not live up). But they made mistakes often, especially when under pressure due to defense and special teams. Whip is usually on the ball at play calling, but when he has too much to worry about it all unravels. This happened in multiple games this season (and previous seasons). The prime example that comes to mind would be the mistakes and performance of special teams and defense to open the the 3rd quarter at BYU. This was then followed by a lackluster offense unable to put anymore points on the board, and what was a close game quickly slipped away.

He could benefit from having less to deal with, if that means getting a OC, so be it.

I'm looking forward to having a larger DL next season (one of the reasons I believe we weren't able to have a well-performing base 3-4). But on some level, a lot of the lack of performance from defense ultimately has to do with the coaching. It all starts with recruiting, conditioning, preparation, understanding the offense to call and execute the right defensive plays. In this regard, I'm not sure Masella has proven he's the right guy.

Anonymous said...

We need size, quickness, and strength up front, and speed on the edges. I was very impressed with DH, SC, and SH (until his injury). The two former, especially, we're mostly outstanding. The secondary showed progress. I think there are stout ranks there, and performance should continue to improve in 2017.

The OL was questionable and mostly inconsistent last year, but at times was very impressive. AB is back, and the recruiting at the position was very solid. WR is still a question and even a concern with the obvious in AI. Not sure who will be under center. Ford looked like the real deal. Not sure what's going to happen there. RC is a great athlete, but he plays with no concern for his health. Love it, but can he stay healthy?

Need at least another very strong RB to offset MY. I don't see it in SL.

Chizzle15 said...

Another Anonymous post about a major announcement..... and we wait.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I can only imagine. Maybe a transfer or two? What else can it be?

Chizzle15 said...

I am thinking $$$ games for future schedules.

Maybe a game at Fenway that Whip mentioned a couple months ago.

Maybe a donation...

Anonymous said...

You could be right. I forgot about the Fenway affair.