Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Tuesday--March 1st, 2016

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Dan Malone breaks down Tajae Sharpe's performance at the NFL Combine.

My 2-cents is one of Sharpe's best strength's is his route-running. During Whipple's first stint as HC here I listened to a talk he gave on offense. He felt (as an offensive guy), if the receiver ran correct, crisp routes, the DB was at a strong disadvantage. Whipple felt that if the receiver and the QB ran the play correctly, they should be able to have a completion every time.

Yahoo Sports thinks Sharpe will make an impact in the NFL.

All the  WR 40 times from the Combine.

Hustle Belt has all of Sharpe's numbers from the Combine.


Jim Harbaugh raves about Don Brown, confirms Brian Smith as DB coach.

Harbaugh calls Brown a "Ball of Fire".


The NY Daily News says Victor Cruz and the Giants need each other.


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