Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday--March 14th, 2016

UMass will have it's Pro Day on Wednesday the 23rd. Lot's of potential free agents among the seniors.


The Sun-Herald talks about what will happen if the Big 12 raids the AAC for new members. The article says UMass could receive support from UConn and Temple to join the AAC. If UMass' football program could show some improvement, it would certainly help the Minutemen's chances.


Many readers have already seen the Globe's piece on the state of BC's athletics. The Eagles have gone 0-27 in  ACC football and basketball this year. Since 2010 the Eagles have managed a 23-45 record against FBS teams (That's an average of a little under four FBS wins a year). Things are not likely to get better soon as BC has been rated last in ACC recruiting for five of the last six years. The Eagles will not take a large class of JUCO's or transfers, so it will take a while to build their way out of the slump even if recruiting picks up. They have more hope in basketball, where one or two players can make an impact.

One interesting tidbit from the article is BC's athletic budget is twice UMass'. Part of that is the income from the ACC. Could the ACC do to BC what the Big East did to Temple?

My other thought is it's bad to have a clergyman as your CEO. Remember what the infamous Fr. Brooks did to Holy Cross? BC badly needs some professional management.

What does this mean for UMass? Well, it means BC is not "Massachusetts" team, let alone New England's team. There's a window of opportunity for the Minutemen if A.D. Bamford can grab the chance. The Boston/New England market is a top-20 media market. There's plenty of room for the three New England FBS teams. I have a number of friends who don't care a fig about the Patriots. UMass basketball had plenty of fans in New England when Calipari was here. There's a big college sports vacuum in New England. UMass could be part of filling that void, if we get our act together.

BC's plight also show's something I've frequently preached about here. UMass needs  hard-nosed results oriented sports management. Too often often there's been a county club atmosphere around UMass athletics. The opportunity is there; Go UMass!

BC Interruption's take on the article.


The Florida Gators have two key players suspended indefinitely.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says Tajae Sharpe has fantasy potential beyond 2016.


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Anonymous said...

Frank- in order for UMass to improve, it needs it's fans to step up. This does not mean sniping at coaches anonymously, calling for their jobs, etc. Or complaining, or giving advice. It means donating to the football and basketball and hockey programs, whether or not they agree on who should be coaching. Most fans of other programs show loyalty by purchasing season tickets, and donating to support individual sports. To demonstrate to existing and future coaches that a program has strong support, not just front running fans. BC has much more generous and supportive fans, UMASS fans in general are cheap.