Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday--March 25th, 2016

Lots of NFL scouts showed up. See below. Thirty NFL teams were represented.


Dan Malone has an interview with Tajae Sharpe.

Dan also has an image gallery of the workouts.


Matty Vautour has a story and quotes from the players.

Matty also has Jean Sifrin's NFL Dream is still alive.


The Detroit News reports the Lions are looking at Blake Frohnapfel as a developmental QB.

MLive has a story on Detroit's interest in Frohnapfel.

RotoWorld thinks Frohnapfel has the arm strength, needs to work on his mechanics.


Anthony Chiusano of the UMass Daily Collegian features Tajae Sharpe at Pro Day.

He also reports on Jean Sifrin's second attempt to make the NFL.


RotoWorld reports on Tajae Sharpe's Pro Day.

Quote from the post:

"colleague Daniel Jeremiah noted during the Senior Bowl practice week that no other wideout consistently gave opposing defenders fits the way Sharpe did."


UMass vs UConn at Fenway Park? BC Interruption thinks it could happen.



Anonymous said...

Good new coming Monday for UMass hockey fans! You will like that!

Anonymous said...

Mike's Hoops board does it again-trashing a priest on Good Friday- for no reason other than, this person does not approve of a priest supporting the team.Nothing but haters there. DISGUSTING!! Frank- Thank You for giving real UMASS fans a place to keep up with our school.

Anonymous said...

Message boards like that are trash. people criticizing one another, coaches, players. Funny how they never bitch about there lack of participation at games, donations to the school or getting involved. Arm chair experts! To bad mouth a priest, who gives his time, money and enthusiasm shows what these people are made of.

UMass74 said...
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UMass74 said...

Sorry I deleted the above post accidentally. I'll try again.

The priests at the Newman Center have always been supportive of UMass athletics.

Back in the day, the priest at the Saturday 5:00 PM Mass would announce the UMass Football score. People would clap if the Minutemen won.