Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday--March 28th, 2016

The UMass Football Twitter feed had the above image as a photo-shoot. Note the MAC patch is gone and the maroon and black accent stripes have returned to the helmet.

UMass played without the helmet stripes in 2015.

Image above is one I took at the LOI Day meeting in February.


Campus Insiders looks at BYU's 2016 schedule.


Speaking of the Cougars, BYU just suspended a player for stalking.

Mississippi State's top 2016 recruit gets in trouble for striking a woman.


South Carolina loses starting QB Perry Orth for Spring ball with a broken collarbone.


As long-time readers know, I'm an active amateur astronomer. So with a distinct touch of envy, I congratulate UMass undergraduate senior Kevin Harrington who used UMass' Large Millimeter Telescope to discover "outrageously luminous" galaxies. The LMT's website is here.



Anonymous said...

The stripes on the white helmets were there by the end of the season, but not at the beginning (like in the FIU game where that photo was taken). I hope they're sticking around for an entire year now, the helmets look much better with the stripe.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the former post. Love the gray uniforms, too. I'd like to see more color combinations used. My only criticism of the uniforms are the numbers. They should be larger.

UMass74 said...

I really like the road all-whites. Don't care for the road white jersey and maroon pants.

I like the all-maroon home with both the white and maroon helmets. The maroon jersey and white pants are good too ( I know some people that consider anything other than white pants blasphemy).

The grays are good too.

Hate the black helmet and black uniforms in general.

Anonymous said...

UMASS has always made the mistake of not taking advantage of a unique and great mascot on the uniforms. The Minuteman needs to be emphasized, not stripes on a helmet!!

Auntie Tona said...

I thought the Grey was "FIYAH" as the kids would say, lol!!