Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday--March 19th, 2016

Brian Smith is learning the ropes at Michigan.


The Dallas blog "Blogging the Boys" thinks Tajae Sharpe would be a good fit.


Randall Jette and former UMass player Brian Dowling are preparing for the NFL Draft.


Mississippi State is looking to fill a gigantic hole at QB.

The former star QB for the Bulldogs just got arrested for DUI.


SB Nation previews the 2016 Hawaii Warriors.


BYU looks to rebuild its offensive line.



The main qualification for this internship is being able to drink beer all summer.


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Anonymous said...

ATTENTION Mike from Hoops board...the vitriol and repeat negativity from one or two posters is dominating your board, and ruining it. What kind of fan would sabotage a program? My guess, not a friend of UMASS. Shut it down! Learn from Frank, who cares about all things UMASS, and would never destroy from within.