Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Tuesday--February 3rd, 2015

On February 1st Dan Malone had an article on the search for a new UMass A.D.  Chancellor Subbaswamy had the following quote:

 "the program (football) is here to stay and I'm here to stay," 

Those are words to build a program by. If any Minutemen fans get to meet Chancelor Subbaswamy. be sure to shake his hand and say "Thanks!'. Now maybe Coach Whipple can work on making UMass football a winner, without the annual medial circus.


Mike Karpinski of Hustle Belt looks at some of the top MAC recruiting targets. Included are a couple of players UMass is interested in.


The BC blog "BC Interruption" thinks the Eagles should sign a series with BYU, like UMass did.


Collegian football writer Andrew Cyr explains why he didn't take part in the Patriots celebration.


NBC sports looks at the Power Five-Group of Five recruiting gap.


OT, but the Tribune Live has a story about John Calipari and the historic comeback by UMass hoops at West Virginia. I remember listening to that game. Frustrated Mountaineer fans continued to yell at Calipari during the post game radio show.

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