Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday-- February 12, 2015

Vanderbilt won over UMass in 2014 after we missed a field goal from the Commodores 5 yard line. Vandy managed only two other wins, against Old Dominion and Charleston Southern. That's placed Derek Mason on the hot seat for 2015.


Boston College went 8-0 against UMass in offers to Massachusetts recruits.


NFL Scouting Combine has Jean Sifrin as one of six TE's in the draft to watch.


The prestigious Mayo Clinic has a study that shows high school football players have no difference in neurological problems later in life than students who were in the band or glee club.


Football Scoop looks at ten potential rule changes for 2015.


Central Michigan's Dan Enos recently left to become offensive coordinator at Arkansas, a move he was criticized for. One possible reason? A college writer finds Enos was the lowest paid HC in FBS.

His replacement gets a $115,000 raise.


Western Michigan continues to dominate the MAC in recruiting rankings. UMass did about average in the MAC.

BC and UConn under-recruited their conference averages.


OT, but we are on the receiving end of a lot of snark over at BC Interruption. On a night when UMass moved into a tie for first place in the A10, the Eagles lost to Syracuse . That moved BC to 1-10 in the ACC and 9-14 overall and firmly into the ACC's cellar.

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Anonymous said...

NESN shows highlights of BC's 6th loss in a row. Ignores UMASS basketball's 6th win in a row heroics in their local show.
Meanwhile ESPN Sportscenter shows UMASS basketball highlights in their national show.
Media bias at its worst. NESN has deal with BC, owned by John Henry,who owns Globe, who runs Fenway Sports Group, who has BC for a client.
No one in the Boston media EVER points out these conflicts of interest. They are like the good ole boys of the south.