Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday--February 14th, 2015

Be sure to read yesterday's bulletin from the Minutemen Club.

As usual UMass football fans were in the forefront of the surge:

"The Minutemen Club, which incorporates individual sport giving to all 21 teams at UMass, saw its largest increase in 2014 come from donations to football. With gifts for the new UMass Football Performance Center and the newly restructured Gridiron Club, support to the football program increased 188% in 2014. As part of this increase, annual giving to the Gridiron Club experienced its own 77% increase with newfound energy and a dedicated Board of Directors."

If you haven't joined the Gridiron Club please try to join this year. Coach Whipple and the team will be making a big effort to make Minutemen football into a winner and propel us into a League and bowl games. That'll help ALL UMass athletics.


SB Nation has started a 128 team 2015 preview. For the last three years, UMass was either at or near the bottom. So far, we missed the bottom four.


CBS Sports comments on a proposed freshmen ineligibility rule. Lot's of quotes from the MAC's commissioner.


FBS games average 30 minutes longer than DII or DII games. More TV, more time.


The NCAA wants to experiment with technology.


Will it please stop snowing on UMass hoops games? So far Mrs Blog and I had one snow out, one wild ride back to NH after St. Bonaventure game and now another big storm today...


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