Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday--February 24th, 2015

Minus 14 degrees here at Blog Central this morning.


Dan Malone reports Jean Sifrin left the NFL Combine with some lingering questions. Sifrin essentially missed all of summer practice last year because of his late eligibility. I think he has a huge upside with some intensive coaching. He hasn't done much weight training either. IMHO, he would improve immensely with a summer on an NFL training schedule.

A fantasy football site ranks the TE's results at the NFL Combine.


There seems to have been some sort of incident involving UMass football players at a fight and hit-and-run in Hadley.


Ball State completes their 2015 schedule. The Falcons play VMI, Georgia State (The panthers went 1-11 in their first FBS season. Does that sound familiar?), Texas A & M and Northwestern. Ball State also plays UMass in crossover from the MAC East.


McGuirk will continue to be the home field for UMass Lax this spring.


Old FCS foe Georgia Southern jumped to FBS last year and went 9-3 and undefeated in the Sunbelt conference.


Freshman ineligibility for college football would be a terrible idea.

Freshman ineligibility for college football would be a great idea.


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Anonymous said...

Get ready UMASS-press conference Saturday, HAMP will be happy! UMASS will be happy, current assistants and UCONN, not so happy. Hope Whip will forgive and forget...time to ramp things up.