Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday--February 13th, 2015

Special thanks to Blog reader "Mark" for sending me this link to an article featuring Blake Frohnapfel.


I received my season ticket application for 2015 yesterday. UMass is running some nice prizes drawn daily from 02/16/15 to 3/15/15 for those who renew early. You can win a chance to sit with the UMass Radio team, Field passes, Honorary Captain for a game and more.

Get yours now!


Rob Blanchflower gets a mention in this article about the Steelers free agency interests.

Behind the Steele Curtain also mentions Blanchflower.


The odds for the 2015 college football championship are up. The odds only include Power Five teams. UMass' OOC opponent Notre Dame is 30/1


SB Nation thinks Alabama signed the best recruiting class for an unprecedented fifth year in a row.


If you missed it, Temple, who we meet as an OOC opponent in 2015, signed a four-star running back. rates Temple's recruiting in the middle of the AAC.


OT, but if you haven't watched John Calipari's Kentucky team this year, you should. At 24-0, everyone gives them their best shot, but the Wildcats are just a superb team. When TV shows a slow motion replay of one of their plays, it is just fun to watch the athleticism. Imagine a team with five Marcus Camby's.


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