Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday--February 28th, 2015

UMass has announced the dates for the 2015 football season.

Dan Malone has some notes and comments on the schedule.

There are a couple of negatives and positives about the season. One problem is no bye week. With a twelve game season, it's nice to have an off week to heal up the inevitable bumps and bruises.

UMass also has no "MACtion" game. We finally have something to showcase with Frohnapfel and Sharpe, it would be nice to have a national audience take a look at UMass football.

On the plus side we do not play NIU and resurgent Western Michigan (they were 7-5 last year with a narrow loss to Purdue). The Minutemen also avoid the dreaded Black Friday game on 11/27. That should help our attendance totals.

Matty V. also covers the 2015 schedule. He reports UMass will shortly sign a home-and-home with Georgia Southern. Those should be fun games! They still hate us in Statesboro. A former Eagle player just got shot, BTW. Kinda puts the fight in Hadley in perspective...

Paulson Stadium
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- comments on the whole MAC schedule.

FBS has all the dates for the entire league in one place.


Chip Ainsworth of the Greenfield Recorder says maybe it's time for UMass basketball to follow football in whatever conference we end up in. There's been rumors St. Louis wants to leave the A10 for the Big East. One of these years the A10 is going to run out of replacement teams.


CBS Sports says there's plenty of room in the Giants offense for Odell Beckham and Victor Cruz.



Anonymous said...

There is a reason Ainsworth writes for a paper in Greenfield-small time,no talent. He is the fool that used to torture former UMASS hockey coach Cahoon,saying how bad he was, and a change will make a difference. How did that work out? 30- 62 since.

Anonymous said...

Boy, and how, that is a tough schedule. The boys better be ready to go. I hope MW develops a solid backup to Blake, with all respect to his son. The future depends on it. If the kicking game and punting is better, and the secondary too, and we can avoid too many injuries to the starters, then this team should be bowl-eligible come December.