Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday---June 11th, 2014

You may have been following the seating change comments over the last few days. I received a letter from the Athletic Dept yesterday detailing the optional changes.

They want to move the team, the band and the UMass fans to the opposite side because, unlike in the past, the November 12th game against Ball state, a Wednesday night game and November 28th, Friday game against Buffalo will be nationally televised.

They want the cameras showing the UMass band and UMass fans rather than the nearly empty visiting stands. The November 28th game is particularly problematic as that's the dreaded Black Friday Afternoon Game. It's Thanksgiving, so the students will be gone.

The previous Black Friday game at Gillette drew a two-year season low of 6,300 fans. I doubt McGuirk will draw any more.

Mrs Blog and I have been in Section 6, Row I seats 19-20 since 1976. We have a lot of attachment to those seats, but we'll probably move to be with UMass fans and help the team. Perception is reality for many, so we need to look good if we want to get picked up by a conference.


Dan Malone reports a writer thinks the UMass-Colorado matchup will be the worst in FBS. To me the game is not "puzzling" at all. The Buffs have fared poorly recently. They need wins. UMass gets one game at Gillette and Colorado gets two at their place. The series starts at Gillette. How puzzling is that?


Dan also has a story on the possibility the Minutemen will have to play as an independent at least for a few years. Everyone knows this is not viable long term, but with the decision not to go all-sports in the MAC, it was a possibility when the decision was made.

Comcast Sports Net New England says UMass braces for life as an independent.


Jesse Allen of Hustle Belt looks at the running back situation for UMass in 2014.


Elijah Robinson, a New Jersey QB with a UMass offer, verbaled to BC yesterday.


Tostitos drops the Fiesta Bowl.



Anonymous said...

UMASS football lost a big fan from Holyoke this week. Rest in peace Edward Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

If you think the stadium will be half empty, then the football program is done. I predict McGuirk Stadium will be SRO this fall.
Also you need to report on the first 4 star player, ever at UMASS, who will be playing this fall...Drew Harris.

UMass74 said...

I certainly hope you are correct about McGuirk being SRO. That would be a big boost for us.

I've known about a German player signing with UMass for some time, but I couldn't blog about it until there was some confirmation.