Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday--June 13th, 2014

UMass has a special season ticket offer: buy four season tickets and receive four complimentary tickets to the UMass hoops opening game. Deadline is today at 5:00 pm. Call 1-866-UMASS-TIX.


Dan Malone has a post on Jeremy Horne joining the Calgary Stamps.


While UMass is raising private funding for the McGuirk upgrades, the Massachusetts legislature approves $1 billion dollars for an upgrade to the South Boston Convention Center.


Sports Chat Place previews the 2014 Minutemen.


Black Shoe Diaries says UMass has absolutely no shot at winning when we play at Penn State.


Mr. SEC thinks if the Power Five split from the NCAA, UConn has the best chance of the non-power schools to be picked up by a Big Five conference.


BC Interruption says the Boston College brain trust is taking the UMass game seriously.

Speaking of the Eagles, USA Today previews BC and thinks they'll win five games in 2014.

BTY, BC is #128th in the FBS nation in % of offensive yards returning.


A Bleacher Report writer thinks UMass and UConn will finish last in both their conferences.


Syracuse has offered 188 players scholarships for the 2015 recruiting class.

The Orange coaching staff sent one recruit 64 letters in a single weekend.



Anonymous said...

The flagship university of our Commonwealth needs a new buiid-out to the existing stadium. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

Why do so few of those who profited from their career at UMASS give back? I'm talking about people like Billy Bulger who gets a sick pension every month from UMASS, Jack Wilson and many many others. Total greedheads and thankless individuals. Please add other names as I know there are many.

Anonymous said...

Quite the preview on Sports Chat Place. I love when they don't even get the player's names right. I'm hoping that Blake Lewis (Lucas??) has a better year kicking.