Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday--June 10th, 2014

As UMass continues to search for a conference, the Minutemen could play  temporarily as an independent.

UMass' affiliation to the MAC runs out in two years. That's a short time to build a FBS winner even for Whipple. As the article says, it would be prudent to have a plan "B" if nothing is set by that time.


Hustle Belt comments on former UMass HC Charlie Molnar's hiring at Idaho. I haven't seen any announcement yet by the Vandals.


The Register and Democrat reports former UMass legend Rene Ingoglia has been named to the Frontier Hall-of-Fame.


One the the TE's ahead of Rob Blanchflower on the Steelers roster was injured during last week's practice.


Like UMass, OOC opponent Vanderbilt is looking for a quarterback.


ESPN Boston says Boston College toughest stretch in its 2014 schedule will be in November.


Meanwhile, back in FCS, the Towson cheerleading squad is in trouble after an incident involving beer and adult diapers.


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