Friday, June 06, 2014

Friday--June 6th, 2014

Dan Malone reports UMass adds eight walk-ons to the Minutmen 2014 class.

ESPN Boston also did a story about the additions.

Five of the eight are from Massachusetts, which will keep the Bay State percentage up. Included are:

Alfred Adarkwah---WR-6-4 175 pounds from Worcester. I've blogged about Adarkwah before.


J.T. Kelley--WR 6-6 215  pounds from St. Johns HS

---------------------------------------------------------------- image
Basit Dennis--OL/DL 280 pounds from Worcester Academy. ESPN Boston reports on him walking on for UMass


Andrew Libby--Athlete-6-0 195 pounds Saco Maine. I've blogged about Libby several times in the past.


NCSA image
Jon Lucier--TE--6-6 215 pounds from Holden, MA. ESPN reported on Lucier's committing to UMass back in February. NCSA recruiting profile here.


John Previte --OL/DL 285 pounds from Brockton, MA. Was All-State on defensive line. Previte was named All-New England in the fall of 2013 for Northfield Mt. Hermon.


East Coast Prep image
Jeremy Rodriguez--DB 6-2 205 Hillsdale, NJ. East Coast Prep bio here (scroll).


Matthew Wylie--K 6-5 190 pounds Dipping Springs TX. I've blogged about Wylie before.


Just as a WAG, I'd speculate Adarkwah and Wylie have the greatest chance of playing as true freshman in 2014...


Dan Malone reports former UMass head coach Charlie Molnar will join Idaho as a position coach.


OT, but Sports Illustrated reports John Calipari has signed a contract with Kentucky that SI calls "jaw dropping"

The Montgomery Advertiser  says Tony Barbee might rejoin Calipari at Kentucky.



Anonymous said...

you must be embarrassed when you read that schools like UNH beat UMASS in revenue from ticket sales, contributions, and licensing. I would love to hear the excuses.

Anonymous said...

A penny earned in FCS is a penny lost.

Anonymous said...

How the hell does a school like UNH raise more money for athletics through donations? And ticket sales? The UMASS administration should ashamed. I agree FCS is a loser, but can someone explain what has been going on at UMASS.

UMass73 said...

According to the NCAA UMass had an average of 15,830 attendance in 2013, UNH had an average of 8,745. Since these totals are published directly by the NCAA the other anonymous comments above are seem suspect.

Anonymous said...

Please check USA Today article from last week-I was stunned that UNH beat us in each category. This included all sports for attendance revenue. Also how does UNH attract more financial donations than UMASS. UMASS fans are cheap, and all they do is complain(see new rant on seating change).