Monday, June 09, 2014

June 9th, 2014

The Boston Herald has an article on walk-on Joe Previte. The Brockton High graduate played OL and DL in high school. At 6-2 285 it would appear Previte would be a better fit at DL in college.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- does a feature on Victor Cruz that mostly features his time at UMass.


The Montreal Gazette says Brandon London is out to prove himself after a bad year in 2013.


The Advocate says autonomy for the "big five" will increase their domination over the rest of college football.


Besides Rob Blanchflower, the Steelers have another MAC draft choice, Dri Archer.

Speaking of Rob Blanchflower, looks at the TE's ahead of him on the Steelers roster.


UConn's leading rusher, Lyle McCombs has left the team. In our first game in FBS on August 12th, 2012 McCombs ran for 89 yards on 23 carries and scored one TD.


Vanderbilt's new coach wants to make the Commodores into a national brand.



Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on UMass switching the home side to the EAST stands?

Anonymous said...

Yup. Don't like it at all. Sun will be in everyone's eyes for the afternoon games. Home side (press box side) was built that way for a reason, and I'm guessing sun position was a big part of it. I don't think our players should be on the sidelines with the sun in their eyes. Leave that for the visitors.

UMass73 said...

The reason makes sense. The cameras televising games from the press box mostly showed empty seats in previous games. Since most people sit on the home sides the switch will at least show tv viewers that there are some fans at the game. Better bring your baseball caps with wide brims and sunglasses because the afternoon sun will be directly in your eyes.

TopUMassFan said...

Are we talking switching HOME side at McQuirk? There shouldn't be empty seats on the East side with home games back on campus. The student body and all the Central and Western MA fans that complained when the games moved to Gillette will be filling those seats.

I agree that our players shouldn't be looking into the sun. Well need every advantage we can get. Keep the West side the Home side.

MinuteFan said...

I love the new arrangement. I have had my season tickets on the visitor's side for 15 years because I like the sunshine, especially on colder winter days. Every time I sat there in shirtsleeves and looked across at people in polarfleece under the shadow of the press box, I was happy to have made that choice. GO UMASS!