Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Monday--June 17th, 2014

Special thanks to "Mark" a blog reader and internet ninja who found a link to the Brandon London's stats in the Larks exhibition game.

London went 7-87 to lead all receivers. London's receptions fell off a cliff last year as did all of Montreal's offensive statistics. I watched a number of his games and they didn't throw his way much.


Dan Malone has a story about Spencer Whipple transferring to UMass. I would think he would have to sit out a year as his is FBS to FBS transfer.

Jesse Allen of "Hustle Belt" also comments.


The BC blog "Soaring to Glory" says there will be more BC fans at Gilllette than UMass ones in Foxborough.


The Calgary Sun has another article on Jeremy Horne joining the Stamps.


USA Today updates the 2014 college football TV schedule.


al.com wonders why a player can't actually major in college football.


Fansided releases their bowl predictions for 2014.


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Anonymous said...

Look for UMASS to name either John Carroll or Tony Barbee to be the their new assistant men's basketball coach. Good hire either way.