Monday, May 05, 2014

UMass Historical Scans---1990

I've added 14 scans of 1990 UMass game programs to the UMass Historical Scans section of the Blog.

In 1990, Coach Jim Reid led the Minutemen to their 17th Yankee Conference Championship. UMass went 8-2-1.

UMass opened with a tie against Holy Cross and broke a long home winning streak for the Crusaders. How tough a game was that? Minutemen RB Jerome Bledsoe broke his leg in the first half and then lied to the coaches that it wasn't broke so that he could stay on the sidelines to watch the second half.

UMass defeated Delaware for the first time on 10/20, but UMass QB Gary Wilkos fractured his neck and ended his promising QB career. Wilkos lay on the Delaware stadium turf for 45 minutes because all the ambulances had been called away.

Down to its fourth string QB, UMass lost to William & Mary (not yet in the Yankee Conference) 0-38 in the first round of the FCS playoffs.

Lots of famous names on the UMass roster in 1990: Paul Mayberry. Ron Villone.

UMass had one of its best ever OL with Rich Cavanaugh, Paul Mayberry, Jay Gabbe, Tony Giudice and Kai Dietiker.

On defense UMass had Mario Perry, Rich Kane and Don Caparotti.

If you want a rational for moving to FBS, read this article about UMass' budget cutbacks in 1990. UMass would not pay for a room at the Yankee Conference Media Day so Reid slept on the floor of Richmond Coach Ed Marshall's floor. The Minutemen were playing with three year old uniforms and the UMass coach staff couldn't afford matching shirts...

UMass should achieve a break-even financial status in FBS in a few years. Then the UMass Athletic Dept will hold its revenue stream in its own hands and days like 1990 will never happen again.


Anonymous said...

I loved watching Gary Wilkos play. Steve Buckley wrote a great story on him in the National, at the time of his injury. How is he? I hope he has been well. UMASS does an awful job keeping alumni involved.

UMass74 said...

Wilkos looked like a potential All-American in his 1 1/2 year career.

Dual-threat QB's have been rare at UMass. I can't think of anyone who looked as impressive.

I wonder how his career would have gone. The bottom would drop out of UMass football the next year as UMass would lose Coach Reid and an entire recruiting class to budget cuts.

bkrownd said...

I wish we could got back to those helmets. I like the whole helmet/uniform package - simple and classic.

UMass74 said...

For away uniforms, I like white helmets, white jerseys and pants. Always thought the players looked fast in them.

Not to mention we won the National Championship in them...

Noel E. said...

I only saw Wilkos in a highlight film but thought he was the best of the best ever.

Zach said...

Wilkos is a successful executive of his own convention/meeting company in Las Vegas. Seems to be doing very well for himself.