Thursday, May 08, 2014

Thursday--May 8th, 2014

Today is NFL Draft Day----- finally.

NFL,com's 2014 draft site.

Inside a NFL War Room.

ESPN says the best part of the draft is now.

Bryan Vance of Hustle Belt has info on watching the 2014 Draft.


Matty V. looks at what some draft sites have been saying about Rob Blanchflower. He'll probably be a late round pick, if drafted, so his name will probably be called tomorrow. Free agents will sign Saturday.

The Boston Herald says Blanchflower tries to catch on. Nice quote in the article about Coach Whipple:

"“Coach Whipple has been great. Every scout and NFL coach that has come in here speaks so highly of him and tells me what a great guy he is. He’s really helped me a lot,” Blanchflower said. “He has reached out to me. He loves UMass. He loves it here. He is so passionate about the university.”

The UMass website reports Blanchflower is prepared for the draft.


Steve Schubert and Rene Ingoglia are nominees for the 2014 College football Hall-of-Fame (scroll way down).


USA Today ranks Western Michigan, a team that avoided a 0-12 season with a one point win over UMass, as #117.


This article about Pasco HS in Tampa mentions current UMass player Trey Dudley-Giles.


Victor Cruz wants to be a Giants captain.


An honorary Boston Driver's License goes out to this New Hampshire motorist.


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