Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday--May 30th, 2014

Take an aerial tour of McGuirk stadium with a remote control drone.

Dan Malone says he's not sure if the NCAA bans drones during the game. It would be cool during the halftime show though. Maybe the UMMB could integrate the drone views with the marching. For example, a formation that would be best viewed from above.

On a more aggressive note, maybe the drone could buzz the opposing side's mascot :)


The Boston College Blog "BC Interruption  says soundly beating the creampuffs on the Eagle's schedule---- Maine and UMass, would help make BC's 2014 season a success.


Marshall, who had backup QB Blake Fronapfel leave for UMass, has another QB transfer out.


Athlon Sports ranks Toledo #75 in 2014. This year's matchup between the Minutemen and the Rockets will be the fourth game between the programs. The Rockets beat Coach Whipple's 1999 squad 24-3. Toledo leads the series 2-1.


Everybody is talking about the start of playoffs for FBS football, but contracts between the bowls and the playoff are yet to be signed.


Malcome Gladwell, a writer for the New Yorker, and the possessor of the narrowest pair of shoulders you've ever seen, says college football is an inhumane spectacle.


SideLion Report says Detroit's safeties, including James Ihedigbo, could surprise in 2014.


Michael Cox make an appearance ------- at a Bar Mitzvah.



Anonymous said...

Frank- Thanks for the best info on UMASS football, always up to date. Can you please find out if there are new scoreboards, with replay capabilities going to installed this summer. If not, why. Even URI is significantly upgrading their Ryan Center's scoreboard advertising,etc. Remember this building is a lot newer than even Mullins Center.
A bozo on the other UMASS board keeps quoting his friend, a new hire in the athletic department, regarding how donations are way up for football. I have heard the opposite, where they have been nothing coming in from football alumni for the last year or so. News on this front would be great.

UMass74 said...

UMass football received two seven-figure donations last year. I have not heard about any reduction in alumni giving. Most football alumni are excited about Coach Whipple's return.

I just received the new Gridiron Club brochure in the mail yesterday.I'm planning on increasing my donation.

As for the scoreboard, I've not heard of any replacements. It would be nice, but the Athletic Dept is still working on covering the costs of the Performance Center.

Anonymous said...

A video scoreboard is necessary. We are Division 1, no? Stop waiting, and get it done. Does UMASS even ask corporations for support?